Tony Danza doesn’t want anything to do with Alyssa Milano’s drama. After ABC canceled their reboot of “Who’s the Boss,” Danza went to the programming committee and offered a solution: Let him find a new Sam.

How would a different actress be welcomed on the show? According to Nielson, nobody likes Milano anymore, and she could easily be replaced by another “middle-aged hot brunette.”

“Think Neve Campbell,” said Joe Barron, ABC’s programming director, “How about Rose McGowan? Has anyone given any thought to Alona Tal? She’s a little young but she could pass. Let’s face it…there is no shortage of attractive women in Hollywood willing to get into a project with a legend like Tony Danza. He’s basically second only to Fonzie and Charles in Charles.

The plot was supposed to be similar to the original, with Tony and Sam living in Angela’s house for some reason. Milano planned to make it a cornucopia of liberal issues. Now, with her out of the picture, Danza is pushing for a more enjoyable theme, with the single mom in the home being Angela’s stepdaughter from her second marriage while Sam was off at college.

“Stepdaughter themes are extremely popular in conservative states, and that’s the audience we’re looking for,” said Danza, “and with this new direction, I can be more involved in the casting process. I’ve already ordered a sweet pleather couch.”

The show hasn’t been picked up yet, but Danza remains hopeful that the CW will bid if he tosses in 6 episodes for free. God Bless America.

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  1. Mike Damiano

    Replace her with the kid who played Judith Lights’ son. He’s familiar to us.

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