Tom Selleck is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. A staunch conservative, Selleck doesn’t always fit in with his peers. That became obvious when he spoke out in support of country star Jason Aldean and his hit song about small towns.

“I grew up in a small town,” said Selleck, “and let me tell you, Jason’s song was spot on.” His comments were shunned by many in his own circle, but Selleck doesn’t care. “I have my own set of values to adhere to,” he said.

Aldean reportedly reached out to thank the legend, sending him an autographed thumb drive with the song and an uncut version of the video. “To Tom Selleck,” read the attached note, “From one of your biggest fans.”

“I’ll cherish it,” said Selleck, “it’s a truly inspirational song and a wonderful gift.”

Tom Selleck was born Jeremy Logan Portabilly in West Gregston, Alabama in 1943. The town has a current population of somewhere between seven and ten people. He changed his name to Selleck, his mother’s maiden name after his first agent told him there would be very little work for someone with “a name so ridiculous it sounds like someone made it up.” He graduated from Our Lady of Sea Salt College in Mobile with a degree in Drama and Literature.

His early work included ads for Gillette razors and Aqua Net, but over the years he became well-known as Magnum PI, Monica’s boyfriend, and an aging jackboot on CBS. “He’s the perfect guy to call when you need an impressive mustache,” said Joe Barron, “even though he can’t bat worth a damn.”

Selleck will be 85 this November. God Bless America.


  1. If Selleck was born in November of 1943 he will be 80 this year and not 85!!! You boys need to work on your math skills…

  2. Noreen

    Don’t know who made up this info but Tom Selleck was born Thomas William Selleck in Detroit, Michigan, January 24, 1945. Shame on you. If you can’t get it right, give it up.

  3. China

    1945, not 1943. Correct birth year stat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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