Roseanne Barr is suing John Goodman as part of what she calls “retribution for the Conners.” According to the former leading lady, Goodman and the rest of the cast were personally responsible for costing her millions.

“They all said nothing as they signed the contracts to split up my money,” she said on her podcast, “now they’re gonna pay.”

legal experts say the admission by Goodman that he “feels bad” is proof that the cast conspired to remove Roseanne and split up her earnings because she had “strong opinions” about things like Covid, race relations, and support for President Trump.

“She probably should have filed years ago,” said lead counsel Joe Barron, “This case is a homerun.”

ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah reached out to Barron to ask what may have taken so long. “She’s not very bright,” said the lawyer, “she tends to get lost for months on end with some shiny object like a podcast, then boom…she wants to be rich again. Then she forgets.”

Barron suggested that while many people believe Roseanne suffers from some form of mental illness, her problems are more likely “completely IQ-related.”

That’s a shame, patriots, but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming. Hopefully, she’ll win the case and finally have some peace of mind. Then we can stop talking about her like we did Cosby. God Bless America.


  1. Bonnie

    We all know Whoopie Goldberg says comments and she gets away with it. Joy Behar also says nasty comments but not fired. Roseanne apologized but gets fired and sent away while her shows cast repeats the monies from the show she made famous. Like roaches they jumped on the band wagon to denounce her. Good for her, hope she sends the all to the poor house.

  2. Ed & Chai Long

    I just saw a video of Rosanne with Alex Jones who I never really watch but she has a lot of knowledge of the “good and evil” going on in the world. She’s not really any more of a loose cannon than many of us, you just don’t see this type rise to such high levels often.

    We should keep an eye on her and definitely pray for her. The dark side doesn’t like some of the info she drops.

  3. fill wingo

    this ol bitch looks better than most 28 year olds these days. what is going on out there? you bet your boots it’s the damn Jews

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