And article has been circulating on social media stating that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has expressed disapproval of the impeachment process by calling it “illegal BS.” In it, she also had strong words to say about the Democrats because they brought the impeachment process forward without evidence. But is it true?

The answer is, yes, it is very true though only a portion of her comments were stated in the article. In fact, her full interview with The Oregon Pseudologist contains much more harsh criticism of the inquiry , the vote, and the DNC…along with much stronger language. A few of the missing excerpts are below.

“Adam Schiff needs to be paraded naked through the town square for bringing this stupidity before the American people. How many f**kng dollars has he wasted? Taxpayer dollars. There is no f**king excuse for that.

And Pelosi? She has been so dead set on this impeachment that she let any reason escape her. What did that bring in the end? A s****y case. No case really.

Don’t get me wrong, I want Trump gone as much as the next guy or gal, but not like this. It should be done properly and with legal justification. If the case as it exists were brought to for me, I’d have thrown the Democrat accusers responsible in jail.

This kind of crap really p*sses me off. It makes the impeachment process look like satire.”

So there you have it. The article in question was completely true, just missing the juicy parts.


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