When Oliver Anthony hit the music scene, he was an instant hit. The popular song “Rich Men North of Richmond” resonated with the working class. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for politics to get its hands on the tune, twisting it into a tool for use in online arguments.

“I quit,” said Anthony after fans on the right began bashing him for having his own opinion, “Politics sucks. I’m better off playing for my chickens. If you need me, I’ll be headlining my living room.”

Anthony’s decision to walk away comes after three weeks of wild rides, offers of millions of dollars for recording contracts, and enough attention that even the satire publications began using him in storylines.

“He really let us down when he bashed conservatives,” said Trump’s spokesman Joe Barron, “We were planning on using his stuff at rallies.” Anthony hasn’t responded to the remark. It looks like his mind is made up.

ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole caught up with Anthony to ask, once and for all, what the story was with him. “These dumbass right-wingers finally got to see an Appalachian Democrat,” he told Newhole, “Who do they think keeps re-electing Joe Manchin?”

Anthony explained that while he believes in equality and social justice, it does offend him that people who don’t work get free cookies, “It’s how I was raised,” he said, “but goddam. Had I known that one line was gonna toss me into the belly of the MAGA beast, I’d have left it out. It don’t bother me that bad.”

Anthony says he made enough money already off the YouTube hits to last him through the next harvest. God Bless America.


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