Former President Barrack Obama has made one of the more controversial statements in modern history. In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Affirmative Action and Student Loan Forgiveness, the ex-POTUS didn’t hold back.

“Rich White kids should have to go through two years of community college,” he told reporters, “that would level the playing field.”

The statement didn’t go over well with most Americans. A poll taken by Rasmutten says 96 percent found the idea “ludicrous and racist.”

“Not just community college, either,” he added, “but one near a majot city, so they can learn the realities of American life.”

What Obama failed to recognize id that rich white kids are legacies at American universities and already get in based on their name, not their merits. When Bret Kavanaugh cried, “I got into Yale!!!” in defense of being a rapist drunk, what he meant was, “someone in my family got into Yale and now I get to go there, too, with moderate to decent grades!”

Yale would neither confirm nor deny anythinhg other than Kavanaugh’s reciord as a rapist drunk. “It would be improper to slander him with something the GOP would find offensive.”

Obama’s plan will likely be struck down in the House. God Bless America.


  1. Maggie

    Hilarious. Thank to Governor Abbott for being stupid. I never would have found this site.

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