Recently an article has been circulating online which accuses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of blasphemy in that she called both President Trump and Jesus “con artists.” She was said to have laughed uproariously as she made her comments. Those remarks follow:

“I hear many people saying that President Trump embodies the virtue and morality of Jesus Christ. You know, I have to agree. Trump and Jesus are a lot alike. They’re both con artists who duped millions into believing their BS.

Look at Trump. His followers are a cult. They blindly believe everything he says and think he is flawless. It’s pathetic.

Two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus did exactly the same thing. He convinced his own cult that he was the son of God, of all things. How ridiculous is that? How can you be the son of something that doesn’t exist?

Jesus was a grifter. Trump is the same. Only idiots follow either of them.”

The story has spread far and wide but some people are wondering just how true it is. So did it happen?



Yes and no. While she did portray both our Savior and Jesus as less than honest with those who adore them, she did not actually call them “con artists.“ Her language was much more colorful, as seen below.

“Who in the f**k would believe a word to come out of either of these a****les mouths? They are both scumbags who prey on the weak-minded idiots around the world. These people are f**king useless sh*ts. They have no intelligent thought processes of their own. They can barely tie their own shoes. So they look for others to do the thinking for them. Jesus saw that and cashed in. Trump is cashing in even more. The orange f**king Oompah Loompah is going to be a trillionaire by the time this is done. And it’s all because of the same people who believe that some dude 2000 years ago was a magic fairy man.

These people need to go away for good. They give humanity a bad name. F**k them.”

So AOC did speak viciously about the two, just not in quite the same words used in the article that’s become a viral sensation. It’s fair to note that both the fake quote and the true fake quote don’t actually appear anywhere, but we heard that they did.

That article was sanitized so that all could read it all the way through without being offended and sick to their stomachs. Unfortunately, moral people still were.


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