Joy Behar has been told to go home for six weeks without pay by her employers at “The View” after she went on a “disrespectful and racial rant” about two black public servants.

“Joy insulted an entire subset of Americans,” said producer Joe Barron, “she has to pay the price for that.”

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Senator Tim Scott were the two black men Behar referenced when she implied that they weren’t really black like “typical black people.”

“I’m not even sure what she meant by that,” said Barron, “since Joy herself has no idea what it’s like to be a typical black person.”

There was an immediate backlash on social media from people wanting to know when we can start focusing on “typical white people.” Kyle Rittenhouse, social media superstar, says Behar is still in the doghouse with him after calling him a “psychotic little murderer” on live television just because he brought a big gun to the dangerous outskirts of a BLM rally and killed two people.

The host has earned lots of other enemies through the years who will be plenty happy to hear that we’re focusing on her instead of Whoopi for tater bait for once.

“It’s been a bit unfair,” said Eric McRob, “Joy Behar is a wonderful person and an accomplished professional.” We wouldn’t quite go that far, patriots, but it sure is nice to pick on the ginger for once. God Bless America.


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