The success of the hit movie “Sound of Freedom” immediately for the attention of a major motion picture studio. After taking first place in theaters over the holiday weekend, The movie starring Jim Caveizel is now getting international attention.

“This time around, we’ll do it right,” Caveizel told ALLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheludah, “with a proper production staff and a well-known cast. This one has a real budget.”

Mira Sorvino, who says she can’t play Hispanic women anymore since political correctness, will die horribly in the first five minutes of the movie, sparking the sequel’s compelling plot line. “We’re getting an ever bigger name,” said Caveizel, “Mira was so impressed she volunteered to step aside.”

Producers are being hush-hush about the details but we do know that the script is already in written from a screenplay in existence, bypassing the need to hire a scab writer through the picket lines of Hollywood elites.

According to our sources inside the film industry, it’s true. The Daily Wire is picking up the film and increasing the production budget from $1 million to nearly $1.4 million. Caveizel and the rest of the cast are doing the film pro-bono “as any good God-fearing American with unlimited funds that will last forever should.”

As for Sorvino’s replacement, sources say it’s likely to be Gina Carano, who still has at least three movies left on her $100K deal with the outlet. “There’s nobody more passionate about adrenochrome that Cara,” said Caveizel, “she’s not afraid to have normal people point at her and laugh. None of us are.”

God bless you and your endeavors Jim Caveizel. And God Bless America.


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