Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin found out the hard way that they aren’t welcome at Guy Fieri’s “Flavortown” restaurant. After finishing up for the day, the hosts of the sinking ship “The View” stopped by for a bite to eat, only to be sent packing.

“Guy was here,” said restaurant Manager Joe Barron, “and he had finally had enough. Every time they show up they end up in a shouting contest with the other customers. So he walked over to their table and personally escorted them out.”

Fieri was polite, to a point, until Whoopi told him he was being racist. It was then that he pointed to the white woman, Joy Behar, and said, “and you’re delusional.”

With her race card thwarted, Goldberg declared that she was leaving and never coming back. She threatened Fieri with a mention of the incident to her audience, which didn’t seem to phase him. “I’ve seen you’re audience,” he swatted back, “there isn’t one.”

After the incident, the ladies went down the street to a little gastropub owned by Garth Brooks and ordered a shareable “Aborted Fetus Salad” and three vegetable-based burgers.

“If you’re gonna drop $400 on lunch in Beverly Hills,” said Goldberg, “it’s best to get some adrenochrome with your meal.”

These people are truly sick, patriots. They should be investigated in perpetuity. *Shakes fist. God Bless America.


  1. guy

    When whoopi said , “If you’re gonna drop $400 on lunch in Beverly Hills,” said Goldberg, “it’s best to get some adrenochrome with your meal.”

    Was she kidding????????? or what????

    • Brenda Kelker

      A big Thank You to Guy Fieri !!! If Garth Brooks has a salad on his restaurant menu called “Aborted Fetus Salad” then he is sick also. We already know the others are sick. If you don’t know what adrenochrome is, please look it up.

    • Brenda Kelker

      That is certainly not something to kid about……

  2. Wil Juare

    Leftist crazies hound conservatives all the time. I support Guy, those crazy women are on their way out to their own world of hate.

  3. Ya Know

    They probably washed their fetus salad and veggie burgers down with a bud light. Bunch of wokesters.

  4. Bob

    Back in the day, we enjoyed Freedom Fries. Good times.

  5. Trish

    You know it’s bad when you read the comments and cannot figure out if the person writing them is kidding or if they are actually too stupid to realize that this website is satire. I feel like I should explain that satire means that none of the things and events published here are real. They are “stories”.

  6. Jay Cee

    ‘Aborted fetus salad’? Ok I’m a girl from a small town, that’s a joke right?

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