Whoopi Goldberg was supposed to get a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Golden Globes, but it was canceled. According to a source close to the company’s Ethics Board, “Golden Globes LLC can’t put its name behind an honor of that magnitude when the recipient is so controversial.” The order came down just after the New Year, forcing GGLLC to scramble for a new recipient, settling instead on Keanu Reeves.

Reeves will be the youngest recipient of the award, with the shortest list of credits. “We had to find someone everyone loves, and quickly.” Reeves has never had a scandal. As for Whoopi, she’s chock full of them. Whether she’s refusing to stop calling Kyle Rittenhouse a murderer or taking Hitler’s side on the Holocaust, she’s always there to be on the wrong side of history.

Goldberg’s antics cost her, and big. She’ll now miss out on being with an elite club that will surely include greats like James Woods, Jon Voight, and Kid Rock for his work on Joe Dirt. Along with the long list of liberals who got it as a participation trophy, of course.

Joe Barron, Goldberg’s publicist, says Whoopi couldn’t care less about some award and that the media should stay focused on Will Smith. “Maybe keep your eyes on that Kathy Griffin character of worry about what kind of nonsense Alyssa Milano might spout. Whoopi has earned a break from the wrath of the common tater.”

Perhaps he’s right, patriots, but as long as those spuds keep coming back, there’s little else we can do but oblige. God bless America.


  1. Debra J Pluemer

    Flagg eagleton is a damn liar. None of the thing’s he says are true, all fact checked/I guess Trumper’s are desperate to change the narrative!

    • John Gramm

      LOL! If you would take the time (all of 3 seconds) to google, you would find many links. One says “Nothing on this page is real”. Do you know what that means? Another link says “Flagg Eagleton – patriot, author at Freedom _FICTIONS_! It is linked below. And BTW, there are many other links. You would know that if you weren’t too lazy to search.

    • John Gramm

      Whoopie got exactly what she deserved, whether you think so or not.

  2. Angryvet

    Whoopie has earned what she gets. Too long been a hater with an ugly mouth. She does not stand for what the award is. Maybe it will light up something and she will start seeing, that she does not control everyone.

  3. Jodi A Dolence

    Who do you think you are to take away something she has earned proably before you were born!!!

  4. Chester

    She’s a villain. She spreads lies and hate on a daily basis. She’s more like a disease than a person.

  5. Terri Fincher

    So because you don’t like what she says, you’re gonna punish her for voicing her CONSTITUTIONAL right to do so!THAT HAS OUR FORFATHERS TURNING IN THEIR GRAVES.

    • Chris

      Your comment is hysterical. Whoopie has been complaining about people voicing their opinions for years. She bitches about everyone who doesn’t agree with her views. Sucks now that the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t it? And for the love of God, educate yourself. The Constitutional right you speak of, only refers to consequences from the government, not Hollywood.

    • Carol

      Yep, spouting her CONSTITUTIONAL rights while trying to suppress everyone else’s!

    • John Gramm

      NO ONE is stopping her from voicing her opinion! But too many people, perhaps you included, have not learned that there are consequences. You have the freedom to express your right to speech or other rights, but you do not have the right to be free from the consequences! No one does!

  6. Ronald N Abbott

    Common Tater, lol!
    I’m stealing that

  7. David McIntire

    This is good to read. Whoopie’s an Idiot & treats everyone who doesn’t agree with her like Trash! She’s also a Racist in the mold of Al Sharpton & others!

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