To the cheering crowd that President Trump spoke before last night, he promised one and all that “(he) wouldn’t let them change the name of Thanksgiving.” But has anyone actually tried to do so? Are the significant groups of people in America that want to rename the autumn holiday? Was the President’s claim true or false?

Our research has found that this is all too true. There are, in fact, several campaigns in existence in the USA to scrap the name.

One such comes from a group known as “The Friendship Brigade.” The brigade disagrees with the traditional Thanksgiving title not because of the word itself or any element of it on its own, but rather because it is too broad in scope. They want an occasion to give thanks only to those they like and not be forced to spend time with family. Their name of choice would be “Friendsthanking Day.” Yes, that is real.

There are host of other name suggestions out there that are equally wacky but by far the most popular movement comes from a group called “White Harm Against Man,” who see Thanksgiving celebrations as “an assault on decency and a promotion of genocide.” Their suggested name change is colorful, to say the least – “Day of Bloodlust Marked With Slaughter of Fowl.” Not very creative but there it is.

WHAM has been in existence for several centuries, using this depiction of mass murder as a representation of what NOT to give thanks for.

So it seems Trump was right on the money again.


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