There’s been a story making its rounds on the internet this week. It claims that Nancy Pelosi’s Daughters were arrested for breaking into a liquor store for “quarantine supplies.” Many of our readers have asked us to look into this story to see if it actually happened, so that is what we did.

Here is an excerpt from the article in question:

The first officer on the scene was none other than Joe Barron, who gave a brief summary of the night’s events:

“The two girls were absolutely obliterated drunk. They thought that they had every right to be there for being loyal customers over the years and couldn’t understand why we had come to arrest them. They shouted out that they had to be there because they needed ‘vital quarantine supplies.’

When it did finally dawn on them that they were going to lock-up, they simply laughed and said that mommy would get them out right away and that I would lose my job for arresting ‘California royalty,’ as they called themselves. That was all I needed to hear. The handcuffs went on, and the daughters Pelosi spent the night in the drunk tank. I wish we could’ve kept the spoiled brats even longer.”

We contacted the California State police to speak to Officer Barron. He confirmed the story and quote as being factual:

“The story is true. Never in my twenty year career have I seen two people more drunk than they were that night. The daughters Pelosi are real bad news. Not surprising, considering that their mother is the Dahmer of alcoholics. It’s a real shame she got her kids hooked on the booze like she is.”

So, this one is rated:

Well, there you have it. Another hard-hitting story about the Pelosi alcohol family proven to be true. If you see a story about the Pelosi family and alcohol, you can safely assume it’s true. It’s what they are known for, and that will never ever change.


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