There has been a story circulating online that claims Nancy Pelosi was drunk, disorderly, and removed from the House Floor for Cursing at Republican lawmakers. We examined these claims to find out if they are factual.

The story in question claimed the following events occured:

“You’re all a bunch of a**holes! You need to be voted out since you don’t give two sh*ts about the American people! Their lives are on your hands. You’re a bunch of knuckle-dragging oxygen thieves. In fact, we should charge your for all that oxygen you waste every day, especially you turtle-looking f*ck from Kentucky. Get fu**ed! We’re going to impeach that orange bastard again you can best believe it!”

After this outburst, the Sergeant at Arms, Joe Barron grabbed her and escorted her out as she kicked and screamed about her rights being violated:

“Do you know who I am?! You’re violating my rights you fascist brownshirt! I’m the Speaker of the House! You’re going to regret this”

We contacted Sandy Batt, the fictional spokesman for the Sergeant at Arms, and she verified that Nancy Pelosi had indeed been removed from the House floor for a drunken outburst.

We also asked ten fictitious Congressmen that were present and they all corroborated the same version of events. Pelosi did indeed curse out Republican lawmakers.

We rate the story as factual. Nancy Pelosi is an alcoholic and has a habit of showing up to work drunk. This story should surprise no one.


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