A recent article has been making its rounds online claiming that four TV networks are refusing to air Trump briefings because of Trump’s lack of leadership. We have been asked by many of our readers to verify these claims, so that’s what we did.

The article in question claims the following:

“CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC are all set to announce that they will no longer televise the important announcements from the White House, saying that they are not in the public interest. This is a decision that most say is anti-American but they are standing firm, claiming that they are actually protecting the American public.”

We give this our highest fact-checking status of “very true” as indicated by the stamp below.

We have contacted all four of these networks and they all verified that they did indeed cut Trump briefings from their programming for exactly the reasons they said.

The other claim of the article was that Joe Barron, a representative for United Forces of Broadcasting, said the following:

“This man is not a leader. He is an imbecile. Worse than that, he thinks he’s genius! So he’s giving medical advice that defies medical science and his idiot supporters are actually following it. He’s going to kill people.”

We reached out to Joe Barron and asked him if the statement was indeed his. He said the following:

“Of course I said it. It’s true. Trump is an imbecile and doesn’t deserve any air time. That’s as clear as day to anyone with half a brain. If they want to see their dear leader, they can go watch that fake Fox News.”

There you have it, folks. The story is completely fictitious and factual. It’s not surprising really when you consider how unfairly the biased, lying, liberal media treats our President.


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