The claim: Some websites, Facebook pages, and men walking around with their underwear on their heads have firmly avowed that actress, talk show host, and supermodel Whoopi Goldberg was unceremoniously rejected from the funeral party of Lisa Marie Presley.

We at Freedom Fictions have done absolutely zero research on the subject, because we trust America’s Last Line of Defense implicitly, and have happily discovered that this claim is completely:

According to Missy Southard, a friend of the funeral director Ben “The Ferryman’ Ferryman, (the latter with a hard “a”), Whoopi was disinvited because of something something about a purse filled with peanut butter or something.  Who really knows.

What we DO know is that anything with Whoopi Goldberg or The View in it usually goes nuts on the pages.  Conservative dimwits who can’t read the simple disclaimer telling them that it’s satire ; the subject line; and any of ten or so other flashing red lights.  And you know what?  It doesn’t matter.

See, Donald “Halfway In, Baby” Trump has made this a post-truth world.  That means, it doesn’t MATTER to these people if it’s true or not.  They heard it or saw it so they’ll convince themselves.  Very dangerous.

As sharpshooter marksman Joe Barron once said to me : “Fallis?  These conservatives only conserve one thing : the Stupid”.  And as this page often proves, he was right.


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