Yes, it’s true. Tucker Carlson, within 24 hours of leaving Fox News, scored a brand new job as the News Director for OAN.

In our research, we contacted the original author of the piece who assured us that his sources were verified and solid. While we couldn’t verify them independently, the reporter in question always conforms to the highest possible journalistic standards, and we, therefore, back his assessment that this story is 100 percent true.

“We’re thrilled to have Tucker aboard,” said OAN’s CEO Joe Barron, “he’s exactly what the fans of our network are looking for.”

Carlson is a well-known pundit who appeals most to Christian conservatives who love the bible and their country, along with their guns and their right to not get jabbed.

According to his spokesman, Art Tubolls, Carlson is “taking a few weeks off to reset” before he begins a nearly two-year waiting period in his non-compete clause. During that time, he’ll be in “close contact” with OAN.

If the network survives that long, which is pretty doubtful, they’ll have themselves some real star power on their hands. Reports say they gave Tucker a $10 million advance, so if they do go under, he can still cash that check and go to work for Newsmax. God bless America.



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