The Claim: 

The View Settled with Kyle Rittenhouse for $22 Million and an Apology

We rate this claim: TRUE!

It’s true. The View settled. They had no choice. Rittenhouse’s case was so strong, that Casey Anthony inquired about using it. Kyle’s lawyers said it was only a matter of time before all of the articles Facebook keeps labeling fake are actually real. Or maybe they’re not and that’s the whole point. Either way, between here and there, there’s no way anyway is anything other than absolutely true.

The View Settles With The Rittenhouses For $22 Million and a Formal Apology

Settling into the new life of being wealthy on the internet, Rittenhouse now intends to go after the website that keeps lying about him. Most recently, Rittenhouse stories appeared on Tater Report, USA Taters, and Latherland, all of which are liberal troll operations.

That doesn’t mean the stories couldn’t be true or that we can’t pray it’s true. It just means they may not be true.

That’s why we need good, solid fact-checking, patriots. Fact-checking so good they fact-check it. That’s what America is all about.


  1. Sally

    I hope Kyle and his family make a tremendously huge donation to the NRA!! Anything to shut those vile View witch’s up!

    • JZ

      First of all, “witches” does not have an apostrophe. Second of all, you’re not very bright if you really feel that way.

  2. Danny Smith

    When will the View learn to get rid of their shit-skin?!

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