Is it true? Is the feud between Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar actually going to ruin the entire show? According to our sources, yes, it’s 100 percent factually correct:

Goldberg and Behar began fighting when Joy’s son, Steven Amell, lit her up on Instagram for saying dumb things about heterosexual men and football. whoopi told her, “you can’t say things like that when you’re as high-profile as we are.” Behar answered swiftly with, “Bitch you basically said Hitler wasn’t all that bad.”

Things still haven’t recovered two weeks later as the ladies can’t seem to get in a groove on the show at all. There has been no mention at all of Kyle Rittenhouse, which is a staple of the show now for nearly two years. Apparently, it was Joy’s pet project and Whoopi put an end to it.

“Joy needs to remember who runs the show,” Whoopi told a pal, “Without me, this thing goes belly up.” ABC executives disagree, putting out a list of six women they believe could replace Whoopi. At the top is Alyssa Milano, who has been in the news a lot lately for crying on Twitter in 2020.

Hopefully, they just cancel it, since nobody watches it anyway, but you never can tell. They seem to want to keep that horror show alive.


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