The Claim: President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness will cost every American thousands.

Claimed by: Republicans.

We rate this claim: TRUE!

It’s true. Every single American will pay thousands of dollars for this so-called freebie. Thousands. The figure comes from a collection of opinions across social media combined with scientific data we’ve assumed should be applied if it were true. The resulting answer is simply common sense: of course it will.

While there’s no way to tell for sure exactly how much it will cost, thousands is an easy estimate. Because it’s vague and doesn’t include much other than a quantification, it could literally mean anything. How much will it cost? Thousands. Thousands of what? Well, that only matters once it matters, but who says it isn’t meant to be measured in pesos or rubles?

So here we can just apply the Facebook fact-checker rule of thumb and find an angle we like, and then present that, along with a label we get to claim is “opinion” in court.

Therefore, by our standards, the claim is definitely true. Truer than most, actually, even though something can’t be more or less true, since it’s a non-gradable qualifier.

And that, patriots, is how we get to the bottom of a claim. God bless America.


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