The Claim: Paul Whelan is a decorated Marine and a combat veteran.

Claimed by: Most Conservatives online and the US Marine Corp

We rate this claim: TRUE!

The Left would have you believe that Paul Whelan, who is being held for espionage in Russia, is a criminal who was “dishonorably discharged” from the US Marines. That’s not true. Whelan was absolutely NOT dishonorably discharged, therefore, everything else the Left claims is moot.

Was he a Marine? Yes. Was he a decorated combat veteran? There’s no way to know for sure, sadly, but all of our intel says he was demoted to E4 and tossed for bad conduct, making him an ex-Marine. His combat experience, therefore, shouldn’t come into question, since we already proved he wasn’t “dishonorably discharged.”

Snopes agrees and everything. They pointed out his crimes and the 60 days of “retention” he served, as well as his bad conduct discharge but not once did they claim he was “dishonorably discharged” so therefore we’ll just go ahead and create the narrative from where they left off.

Brittney Griner never served in the military at all, so even if he is an ex-Marine, he should have still taken precedence over her, because that’s how things are supposed to work in a truly free America.



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