The Claim: Obama removed 30 million pages of documents illegally from the White House

Claimed by: Former President Donald Trump and Fox News

We rate this claim: TRUE!

After extensive investigation, our fact-checking team has determined that the former President’s statements about Obama are absolutely correct. He took every last one of those 30 million documents and was never even asked to return them. “Presidents are allowed,” said Obama once in regards to another issue.

Our methodology included interviews with sources that may or may not have knowledge of the case, making requests to review classified documents and West Wing correspondence from the end of the Obama administration, which was denied, and reading statements from the president and Fox that corroborate each other.

We find that with such corroboration, along with Trump and the network’s stellar reputation for truthfulness that there isn’t a way for us to proceed, therefore, the corroboration corroborates and our obligations under the Fact-Checking statute of USC Title 709 SS 514.

Any further inquiries should be directed to our legal department at Dewey, Scrougham, and Howe.

God bless America.

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