Alyssa Milano is one of the most despised people to conservatives. The mother of the #metoo movement and a pro-abortion leftist, Milano stands for everything patriotic Americans hate. That’s why when the word came down that her reboot of the popular 1980s sitcom “Who’s the Boss” was canceled by NBC, people across the country rejoiced. But…is it true?

After extensive investigation into the original story, we can say with absolute certainty that it’s is as true now as the day it was written.

The reporter on the article has an impeccable;e record with us, having never once been wrong. There’s no reason to believe he’d start now. As for Milano, she denies that there’s any merit to the gossip, telling anyone who will listen that NBC was never involved, the show isn’t canceled, the picture on the cover of the story is from the pandemic lockdown era, and the whole thing is “silly-ass satire designed to make grouchy boomers angry enough to click.”

As of the publishing, the tactic seems to have worked, with more than 40K clicks and almost enough revenue for a car payment. If that doesn’t make then story true, nothing will. You can’t question fine reporting, patriots. You can only question those who seek to censor it.

Milano, whether it’s true or mot, is still smokin’ hot. God bless America.


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