The Claim: Michael Jordan Ripped Up His Democrat Party Card because he had “Had It With The Lies”

By: America’s Last Line of Defense, The Internet

We Rate This Claim: TRUE

A story written by Flagg Eagleton of America’s Last Line of Defense has been circulating since 2019, claiming that Michael Jordan tore up his Democrat card and switched sides.

After rigorous investigation, this reporter can say with a certainty that this story is definitely, most likely true.

While there is no record of Michael Jordan doing or saying any of the things the original story claims, it’s been on the internet gathering pageviews and racking up revenue for liberal trolls for…ever. Therefore, it must be true.

This is so meta.

Jordan and his public relations team have denied our requests for comment, since we haven’t made any. Our source in the Jordan home says they don’t know much about what’s going on, but that Jordan isn’t acting strangely, from what they can see:

“We mow his lawn once a week in the summer. Please stop calling us.”

It’s a likely story. They’re liberals for sure. Anyway, since they were the original source and Hillary Clinton hasn’t killed them yet, we’re pleased to say that we can still rate this story true.

Here’s another graphic to prove it.

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