The Claim: Kyle Rittenhouse is suing Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar for $60 million

Claim by: Source known to America’s Last Line of Defense which may or may not be credible or exist in the physical world

Fact-check by: Flagg Eagleton, America’s Last Line of Defense

We rate the claim true.

We find this claim to be true, since we made it, and find that any bias by the fact-checker because he’s also the author, is coincidental and irrelevant.

Further, we find that all claims made by America’s Last Line of Defense are true unless Flagg says otherwise, which is unlikely since Flagg rarely reads what he or anyone else writes unless he’s really, really stoned.

Kyle Rittenhouse should sue Whoopi. Maybe that will keep him from being a murderous little twat pretending to be in a volatile situation with a deadly weapon to “render aid to anyone who needed it.”

Rittenhouse is a cunt. But whatever.

God bless America.


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