Kathy Griffin impersonated Elon Musk on Twitter for her own personal financial gain

Musk sued Griffin for more than a billion dollars.

Griffin begged for mercy after Musk had her fired from HBO.

The settlement is for an “undisclosed amount,” but sources say Griffin is ruined.

Musk refused to comment other than to insist she “got what she deserved.

The above facts were presented to our fact-checking team and verified as 100 percent accurate and true. The storyline of the Griffin/Musk exchange has been evolving for more than a month, since America’s Last Line of Defense broke the story. Since then, it’s more than paid the publisher’s mortgage because taters are gullible AF. In other words, we rate this story absolutely and positively very true:

Not only do we rate the story true, but we also rate the 11 follow-up stories true as well. Once you find something the taters love, there’s no need to go changing things up. While she’s not quite as unpopular as Whoopi Goldberg, Griffin has proven more than worthy of bringing in revenge clicks from angry boomers looking to blame somebody for not being invited to any of the family holiday functions. She has, however, generated far more revenue for liberal trolls than Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano is way hotter than Griffin, even in her heyday. We also rate that true, but have to admit some bias, as Flagg has had a crush on that hot little thang since he was 11. God bless Elon for having the gumption to follow through and punish people real patriots hate, even if it is all a big ol’ troll. God bless America.


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