President Donald J Trump at a recent rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania floated the idea that Biden “wasn’t born there.” After researching this, we’ve uncovered where Joe Biden was actually born. And it wasn’t Pennsylvania, and it wasn’t even the United States. That’s right. Joe Biden isn’t even a true American citizen.

The Biden family has kept this secret for nearly 80 years. The Biden family came from a small Eastern European nation called Molvanîa. It is where Joe Biden was born in 1942.

This is not the map from the movie, “Mask” but Rocky would have loved to push some pins in this one.

The family, including a young Joe Biden, immigrated to the US in 1942 as well, moving to Scranton, PA. Scranton and Molvanîa have a lot of similarities, and that’s why they came there first.

Historian and PA native Joseph Barron spoke to us about Molvanîa and Biden’s birth there. “Molvanîa is a very small country, known for its resistance to any kind of dentists or dental work, it’s pretty similar to most of the American Deep South like Alabama or Mississippi,” said Barron, adding “this is why Scranton was an important move for the Biden family, Scranton is also solidly against any kind of dentistry.”

Joe Biden’s great-great-grandfather was featured on Molvania’s only major news publication, “Molvania”.

It wasn’t for many years that the Biden family moved to Delaware and stayed there because they wanted to escape the anti-dental propaganda of Scranton, and also, Scranton sucks. 

“Scranton is like Alabama, but cold and with snow, and no beaches,” Barron added, also stating that “if you think the Lehigh valley sucks, go to Scranton. You’ll do anything to escape that hellhole.”

It’s true about Scranton. There is literally no reason to ever go to Scranton, and why Biden would make the claim to be from Scranton is beyond us.

When you ask people who’ve left Scranton, they act like they came out of a war zone. “Nah man, I don’t want to talk about it. It’s just bad times. It’s very traumatic for me” said Scranton native Sandy Batt, who left as soon as she could.


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