The Claim: Joe Biden Sent 11 Million Cases of Infant Formula to the Southern Border

Claimed by: ALLOD, sources on YouTube

We rate this claim: TRUE

Our investigation begins with a story from the reputable news outlet ALLOD claiming that President Joe Biden sent 11 million cases of formula to the southern border, seen here:

Biden Admin Bought 11 Million Cases of Baby Formula Just Before Shortage

The reporter on the story, Flagg Eagleton, has a reputation for being truthful, and when he can’t be, for using the most plausible explanation for things available. His research says this story is true, therefore, this reporter feels no need to revisit the source.

When asked for a comment on his reporting, Flagg said, “I’m all about journalistical integrities, patriot. I looked into that story. There were several pictures of baby formula and links to YouTube that people said had great information. I was running a bit behind, so I skipped watching it, but I completely trust SandyBatt420.”

Eagleton is the recipient of four esteemed Wurlitzer Prizes and is expecting an Emmy for an upcoming documentary. Or at least a handshake from Trevor Noah at some point.

God bless America, the story is true. Now we can let babies starve since it’s all Sleepy Joe’s fault.

Let’s hope feeding all those babies down there was worth it, patriots.


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