The Claim: The town of Okto in Bavaria has rescinded Budweiser and Bud Light’s invitation to Oktoberfest.

Claimed by: ALLOD’s Flagg Eagleton

We rate this claim TRUE!

On September 27th, the world’s largest volksfest will commence when two Romanian bodybuilders finish their symbolic journey across the Swiss Alps to the Bavarian town of Okto carrying nothing but a knife, a fire kit, and a barrel of Gugenstein’s Forbidden Brew just as Ivan the Terrible ordered it made in 1654.

This year, unfortunately, there will be no American beer represented when Hustag and Gustag Hemsforgrutenstein crack that mystical keg for the locals at Oktoberfest.

For nearly three-quarters of a century, Anheuser Busch was allowed to send its brew across the pond to the Eastern European festival on the shores of the Baltic as a gesture of goodwill between the West and former Warsaw Pact rivals. This year, however, after the marketing screwup likened to Caesar crossing the Rubicon, Ron Burgundy told his audience: “When in Rome.”

And in the aftermath of the decimation of a beautiful city on the side of Mount Jalalabala in Nairobi, the world settled into a certain kind of peace knowing that nothing really made much sense, and still; we sometimes have to get past 200 words for the sake of our revenue optimization.

God Bless America for making this Bavarian boycott possible, patriots, and God bless you. Please click an ad before you go.

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  1. Danny Phillips

    Poor Budweiser, you reap what you sew.

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