The Claim: Elon Musk Filed Enough Lawsuits To Ruin Kathy Griffin

The internet is alive with the sound of Elon. A story about the new Head Twit says he plans to ruin Kathy Griffin with lawsuits. Griffin, who was dumb enough to impersonate the world’s wealthiest man and then insult him publicly, has already lost an HBO special, put one of her homes up for sale, and had a private sale among friends of some of her prized belongings.

We were able to independently verify the source of all of that information, therefore, we rate the claim as true.

Griffin is still hoping to sell off some of her private collections, which include a 40-year obsession with PEZ dispensers as well as a chest full of buttons, some dating back to prehistoric times. “Those should be worth a lot,” said our source, “I’ve seen a few of them. One has the blood of Julius Caesar on it, but nobody can figure out why, since the Romans loathed buttons.”

All of the mystery aside about her buttons and PEZ, Griffin will likely have to also sell her infamous red locks to the wax museum to get her past the finish line, and that’s just to cover her current legal fees.

That’s what happens when you mess with the bull, boys and girls. You end up selling 3,000-year-old buttons at an estate sale while you’re still alive.


  1. Paula

    Snarky witch, it couldn’t happen to a better person. You reap what you sow

  2. Michael Clark

    Way to go Elon. Show people how to punish people who deliberately go out of their way to be azzholes.

    • Charlene WeaverK9

      Even if I wanted anything, I wouldnt help by buying anything.

      • Derpspud McTater

        Thanks to Flagg Eagleton for more of this hard hitting news for real potatriots!

  3. Dorothy Genton

    Love it Mr. Musk! Maybe next you can figure out h
    make Nancy Pelosi personally share her $13.00 a pint ice cream with some of the homeless people in her district. Better yet she should be made to buy each one a gallon of the same good stuff.

    • Jeff H

      It’s funny how you’re counting Pelosi’s money and what she buys but people like Mitch McConnell and other republican representatives that represent the poorest of states that take the most as far as government handouts (food stamps, tax dollars) you’re silent about. Go back to worshipping the biggest con of them all, Trump. You sheep.

      • Aly

        There are plenty to go round, fear not. We have a ForceTheVote going on right now in Congress. Looks like the Republicans are going to accomplish what the Democrats and The Squad couldn’t/wouldn’t when they had the chance at Speaker!

      • Rick Page

        It’s always a nasty reply when Nancy worshiper opens their mouth.

  4. JP

    I don’t care for her in the slightest, just putting that out there. However, should she show honest contrition, I would hope he dismisses all of the lawsuits

  5. I have NO sympathy for immature and coniving people, I hate to say it, but liberals seem to have that in the bag! I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I don’t go around slinging mud if they don’t!

    • Lmao

      Is breathing and walking simultaneously a challenge you struggle to overcome? Take your advice from your own post, moron.

  6. Margaret Magurean

    She will never show honest contrition. Break her!

  7. Jerry G

    I don’t care how much she apolgizes… waste her. Liberal idiots need to know that there is a price to pay for their special brand of hate and evil. Let her be the poster child of karma, then when you’re done, go after Whoppie, Rosie, Fonda and for good measure Hillary.

  8. …a very EXCELLENT step in the right direction…onward, forward and may the “force” continue to put the American LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST COMMUNISTS in their proper place…the GARBAGE dump…the DUSTBIN of history…

  9. Candace Budd

    Action like this in Kathy And all on the View are long overdue

  10. Annemarie prince

    If you are nasty and impose your nasty rhetoric on everyone you should be prepared for someone to call you on your lies. Shes always been mean and abusive and her holding a fake head of president Trump was the last straw. I hope he takes her for everything she has. Funny thing about Lady Karma…you never see her coming

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