Are the rumors true? Will DirecTV drop ABC if the network doesn’t axe “The View?”

Yes, that’s true. It’s been verified by several sources and re-confirmed by another source that may or may not have direct knowledge of the situation that DirecTV has had enough of Whoopi and Joy and doesn’t want to be associated with any network willing to carry them.

“What we don’t get is why they don’t sell that nightmare to Netflix or YouTube Prime,” said DTV exec Joe Barron, “Spectrum and T-Mobile are also looking at dropping ABC.”

Losing ABC means losing some other great shows. General Hospital has been on Television for decades. For true Americans, it’s a real dilemma. Do you stand with DTV and go without ABC or do you cave to woke liberals and buy a pride flag? Ther is obviously no middle ground with these people.

There’s still time. ABC has until its contract renews in 2027 to make the ultimate decision. “Whoopi and Joy could be dead by then for all we know,” said Barron, “but we like to have our stuff nailed down early. Just look at Sunday Ticket.”

The View continues to cause controversy in all its doings, and that’s just wrong. At some point, someone needs to punish them somewhere besides ALLOD. God Bless America.


  1. Donna Long

    This show should have been axed years ago ! They are the most arrogant and ignorant people! No one watches this . Sick of all the catty and ridiculous comments !

  2. Patricia Kucey

    Love the view…all a matter of perspective and your view

  3. Patricia Kucey

    Love the view…all a matter of perspective and your view
    And no, I have never been on this site or posted!

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