The Claim: Diamond and Silk were killed

Claim by: The Internet

We rate this claim: TRUE

Diamond and Silk are gone, patriots. Don’t listen to the fake liberal fact-checkers telling you they’re still alive. They’re dead. We know. We headed them.

According to our sources, us and more of us, we decided they should drown at the hands of coal-rolling douchebags in diesel-powered boats. Because as stupid as that sounds, it’s actually more realistic than the ways we typically kill people.

In this case, patriots, we needed some realism, because Christmas is coming, and we really need the ad revenue to kick up. So be a good sport and take a quiz or let that big blue box know how much you love Trump. Or hate Biden. Whatever.

Do the right thing, sport, and don’t forget to share. Tis the season and we want prime rib, not ham.

God bless America.


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