The Claim: Cold Case Investigators Solved the Vince Foster Case

Claimed by: Reputable, patriotic media sources

We rate this claim: TRUE!

A report from America’s Last Line of Defense says cold case investigators in Arkansas have solved the Vince Foster case. After more than two decades of speculation, they had Foster’s body exhumed and determined his cause of death. Initially, Foster was buried four hours after he died, with no autopsy. The investigators determined that Foster most definitely died from a gunshot wound.

“Yeah, it looks like he probably shot himself,” said lead investigator Joe Barron, “we found no evidence that he was shot twice or that someone else killed him. It was a suicide.” Barron says the speculation that Foster was murdered makes for good satire, but ultimately, it’s just not true. “Idiots need their conspiracy theories.”

We’ve now begun our own investigation into this Barron person, who was obviously compromised by the Clintons. We contacted the original reporter from that story and he said his source was either credible or he made it up, but either way, it was pretty believable. We have to go with our gut on this one and say the evidence needs to be looked at by an independent source.


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