Sources across the internet are claiming that Whoopi and Joy are furious after learning they’ll be leaving their lush Los Angeles set for a stuffy studio in Atlanta. That’s right, ABC has finally found a way to get out of its troubles with The View” they sold it to CNN.

CNN paid $400 million for the flailing show in an attempt to revitalize its own dying image.

We looked into the story, traced down the source, and determined that it is definitely 100 percent true.

The original source of the story is America’s Last Line of Defense, a known satire network that makes fun of conservatives for believing dumb stories, but that doesn’t necessarily make it not true. Many true things start out as the brunt of a joke. Just look at the Trump presidency. We joked for months about a buffoon in the White House and with the support of dedicated patriots across America, or at least in a dozen counties across three electorally important states, we did just that, and proved that by golly…that buffoon sure could secure a boarder.

The next step for the show is to evaluate what they need to leave behind, as palm trees and sprawling sofas may not fit the newsroom feel of CNN’s headquarters. It’s like a bad Walter Kronkite documentary in there.

Not that it matters. They’re the lowest-rated show ever on daytime television. ALLOD said so. God bless America.


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