The Claim: Chris Wallace Was Fired

Claimed By: Fox News

We rate this claim: True

It’s true, patriots. According to the internet, Fox News says that Chris Wallace was fired. He never quit and he never had a contract with CNN. They made that up in the moments after his dismissal to cover for him.

Then they actually offered him the job, because it seemed like a good fit for such a liberal liar as Chris Wallace.

Wallace, who fell out of favor with Fox viewers for speaking out against the Mighty Donald Trump, announced his departure on Sunday but failed to mention that he had been fired. Instead, he gave some lame excuse about needing to be near his uncle and took off.

Why can’t they ever just be honest?

Anyway, the internet is currently clicking away on the article that says he was fired. As it turns out, it was written in 2019 by someone we fired, so all the ad revenue goes to the guy who owns the site. He’s said to be as grateful as he should be.

This is just another example of why you can’t trust liberals, patriots. They tend to just make shit up.

God bless America.


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