The claim: Britney Griner was arrested for buying drugs just hours after her release.

Claimed by: Verified or unverified internet sources

We rate this claim: TRUE!

It’s true. Britney Griner has not learned her lesson. Right after she got off the plane, she went to the el Gapo section of San Antonio’s notorious Southeast Ward to stock up on weed and bloogies. On her way out, she was spotted by local police, questioned, searched, and arrested.

Cops say they thought it might be her when they saw a nearly 7-foot-tall black woman with glasses and dreads heading into a known place to buy pot. Then she headed directly to Bloogie Row, where not even the police would follow it’s so shady. When she came out, they nabbed her.

All of this was verified in a satire article on ALLOD, meaning that while it’s not actually true, the audience wants it to be true. Therefore, we’ll go ahead and oblige.

So once again, we rate this nonsense true.

Remember, patriots, since the article appeared on Facebook, the fact-check is just our opinion.

God bless America. Except for Britney Griner. It’s her fault Paul Whelan is a disgraced ex-Marine being held for espionage.


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