The Claim: Joe Biden is Directly to Blame for High Gas Prices

Claimed by: the internet

We rate this claim: TRUE!

That’s right, patriots, it’s true. We went on a deep dive into the subject, and what we found was astonishing. We found that the bulk of the arguments blaming Joe Biden are a crock of doody.

We found that OPEC sets the market, and that the president has done everything in his power, including having oil companies investigated, to the best of his ability.

Unfortunately, since we’re trusted by the public to deliver the news they want to hear, we have to ignore all that and say yes, Biden is definitely to blame.

Some reasons the Facebook experts have given include the canceling of the Keystone Pipeline, which would have done nothing for us, and the policy to stop issuing new leases, which apparently means our existing leases can no longer produce.

No, patriots, it doesn’t make sense, but it’s what you want, so here it is.

Is Joe Biden responsible for high gas prices? You Betcha. Will he get any credit when they come down? No. That will be Trumps’ doing. Somehow.

Don’t like it? Maybe you should leave.

God bless America.


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