The Claim: An Arkansas DA Had Vince Foster Exhumed

Claimed by: Online media outlets

We rate this claim: TRUE!

District Attorney Joe Batt from Barron Arkansas most definitely had Vince Foster body’s exhumed, as claimed in this article:

Arkansas DA Gets Court Order to Exhume a Body

Even though Foster was cremated after his death and there’s no possible way for the story to be true, the medical examiner then found two bullets in Foster’s fictional skull.

Now that the non-existent skull has given up the two magic bullets that will put the Clintons away, the story is expected to take a turn when the evidence is stolen and then set on fire. We rate that story true when it happens as well.

All of this is rehashed from a popular storyline from 2017 because let’s face it: Disney, The View, and Kyle Rittenhouse are getting old. We’ll never stop killing Chachi.


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