The Claim: A Federal magistrate approved Kyle Rittenhouse’s $110 million lawsuit against LeBron James

Claimed by: The Internet

We rate this claim: True

There’s a story circulating that Kyle is suing LeBron that has been fact-checked at least 5 times now and called false by liberal liars. We here at America’s Last Line of Defense, the only fact-checkers you can truly trust to fact-check your satire, say they’re wrong.

The proof is in the post itself. The post says it’s happening, and it’s on Facebook. Therefore, it must be true.

If you take a closer look at the original post, you’ll see that it was written by Flagg Eagleton, who is said to have some of the best journacological instinctuaries in the business. If he says something is true, he either looked it up or made his best guess.

Either way, you can take this fact-check to the bank, patriots. We want Kyle to be happy and rich, because he shot that pedo guy. He didn’t know he was a pedo, and it was pretty unnecessary, but it all turned out good.

So yeah. We say it’s true. We say it’s very true. Maybe even very, very true.

God Bless America.


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