The Claim: A federal judge unsealed Nancy Pelosi’s Alcoholic Treatment records.

Claimed by: The internet

We rate this claim: TRUE!

It’s so true. Not just true, but very true. Some would say very, very true. Judge Cletis Racker of the 3098th Federal District Court of appeals, Writs, Warrants, and Bukkake has unsealed Ms. Pelosi’s records and we should all get to see them really, really soon.

The judge ruled that Pelosi, who lives in California, has forfeited her rights under HIPAA and any other privacy-related issues because she’s “been the subject of dozens of satire stories about her drinking.”

The judge is concerned that these stories might actually be real, because he was a tile guy Trump screwed over who took a seat on a federal bench as payment and he’s kind of a moron.

So will we see these records? Probably not. Pelosi doesn’t actually drink, and therefore, has no alcoholic treatment records, but that doesn’t mean a moron Trumpster didn’t unseal them anyway. Who knows what the heck he unsealed? Maybe we’ll get a confession from Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, patriots, as usual, if it makes you feel good and it’s on the internet, it is true if you want it to be. They stopped letting you see your grandkids in 2017 or so, so just go with it. What else is there but blind rage over nothing?

God bless America.


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