There are always lies and fake news circulating online about our great President Donald Trump. We have seen multiple verifiable reports showing that Trump fired the White House Pandemic Team. This would be a despicable act if it was true. Luckily for us, it is not.

We rate these multiple veritable reports and videos as false.

The video of Trump talking about firing the Pandemic Team is the work of Joe Barron, a known videoshopper and photoshopper. In other words, it’s fake news. Barron’s goals are to make Donald Trump look bad by showing exactly what he is doing. His job is an easy one as all he does is spread fear by showing these truths.

The truth behind the firing of the White House Pandemic Team is that Democrats are behind it as usual. Nancy Pelosi said this to a private donor group months ago:

“In a world of limited resources, you have to pick and choose. We lost a little bit of the leadership, but the expertise remains.”

Any horrible acts that Trump is accused of doing is usually perpetrated by Democrats themselves. Take for example the caging of children, cutting the poor off from benefits, and ruining America’s relationship with allies. Democrats accuse the president of that which they are guilty of. It’s right out of the Nazi playbook. President Trump always does what’s best for the nation and it’s disgusting that Democrats lie and say otherwise.


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