There have been several articles circulating online that claim that the Supreme Court issued an order removing Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from office. Many readers have been asking us if this is true, so we got to the bottom of it, contacting a number of insider sources.

According to this article, a Confidence Hearing was held by the Supreme Court on Omar’s ability to lead her district. The Justices voted that she was not capable, with Supreme Justice Robert’s writing the following in the official court record:

“Mrs. Omar has been the subject of more scandal and possible criminal activity than most other representatives combined. This is not fitting for a member of our government and makes one question her motives for being there.

We must defer to those in her district who can no longer abide their decision to elect this woman. Ilhan Omar will be removed from Congress forthwith.”

We rate ourselves as:

Of course, even though we wrote the article and made it all up, we rate this one as true. We “contacted” the press office of the Supreme Court and asked them to verify if this statement was official record and they confirmed it. They did, in fact, vote to remove Omar from office.

So, to those of you asking if these articles are true, you now have your answer.

We wrote them. We rate them as true. Words have no meaning here. They are 100 percent satirical real news. We have confirmed it with several sources close to the Supreme Court, and all articles about the issue are consistent with what they have told us.

If you have any other fact-check requests for our staff, leave them in the comments below.


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