Donald Trump is easily the most chiseled, good-looking, and most physically fit President in the history of our great nation, and yet, drunken Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called him ‘morbidly obese‘. This was easily a new low for the Democrats in their mission to usurp authority from our Dear Leader.

Donald Trump is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs 225 pounds, and has huge hands, according to White House Chief Physician Dr. Luka Kovač. He can run a marathon in an hour and 56 minutes and bench press 625 pounds. Does this sound like someone who is “morbidly obese”? According to Dr. Kovač and our fact-checkers, the answer to that question is:

oh hell no

That’s right, Mr. Jackson. The White House has steadfastly promoted strong physical, mental, and emotional health, beginning with First Lady Ivanka Trump‘s mission to make school lunches healthier for kids and the President’s Fuel Up to Play 60 partnership with the National Football League.

He can frequently be seen exercising to maintain his energy to face the long days needed for him to keep America great again.

White House Aid Sandy Batt painted a different picture:

“He’s 6 foot 3 and a cheeseburger under 400 pounds. He can’t even walk 4 steps without being out of breath. It’s true that he’s not classified as ‘morbidly obese’ but that’s a technicality since the actual term is severely obese. He’s fat as f…SQUIRREL!!”

What we really should be looking into is the behavior of the Speaker and her unprovoked attacks on the President. Despite the verified fact that no President has been treated worse or more poorly than Donald Trump, he absolutely refuses to retaliate.

Dr. Kovač has no reason to mislead the American public and has declared our President to be fit to reign for life. God Bless the Chosen One Donald Trump and America!


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