The reports that Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who was found not guilty for killing two people in Wisconsin, is absolutely not begging the public for help with his legal fees. Liberals are trying to convince their base that Kyle is destitute and poor, when the truth is the exact opposite.

According to our research, on top of The View’s $22 million is a suit against CNN, another against Joe Scarborough at MSNBC, and a third against the Biden administration. President Joe Biden refuses to meet with the youngster, which is a violation of his civil rights.

Rittenhouse is free and a hero to the Right, and therefore is and always will be doing just fine. He doesn’t need anyone to help or support him, because he’s famous for not murdering two people, even though he pulled the trigger and killed them, some say in cold blood.

There are others who believe Rittenhouse may actually be having problems, and that the stories of his success in civil suits are all the work of liberal trolls, who sometimes affect real-world consequences through cleverly deceptive political satire. Christopher Blair, Lord and Commander of all Trolls and Leader of the Great Troll Army, according to Frank, told this reporter “there’s nothing better than watching a turd like Rittenhouse beg and get nothing.”

The whole thing has definitely been blown out of proportion, patriots. In the real world we live in here at ALLOD, Kyle is safe and sound at Harvard with an education paid for by former President Trump, a nest egg of millions, and a movie deal with Fox. We have been very good to him, America, so you don’t have to.


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