Recently, an online blog reported that Tom Brady, of the Tampa Bay Rays, gave his team an ultimatum with regard to the kneeling trend. Brady is a consummate patriot. He is everything that we expect an American to be: loyal to country and flag, respectful of American traditions, full of anger towards traitors, and a winner.

Tom Brady is a winner and that is because of his fierce patriotism.

Of course it’s true. Brady is a Patriot.

It is for this reason that Tom Brady is so opposed to the kneeling movement in professional sports.

“Kneeling leads to losing”, he always says, “And I will never be a loser.“ Brady made it very clear to those on his team not long ago-“If anybody on my team kneels, I quit.”

Some people, though, have doubted the veracity of this story. Some of his teammates have said that Brady did not give them this passionate speech at any time. Who are we to believe? His teammates in the room or a blogger? Our research has revealed the truth.

Bloggers never lie.

Harry Helmet, the reporter who first broke the story, has an impeccable reputation for truth. His reports have been questioned before, but he always comes out on top. He is a model of honesty in a fake news world.

President Trump himself remarked on Mr. Helmet in the past, saying there was nobody he trusted more for responsible journalism in the modern world. It is President Trump that made us sit up and notice all of the fake news around us. He knows who it is that we can trust….. and he trusts Harry.

If that is not enough to convince you to put your trust in this story, then consider this: In all likelihood, a reference is made in the article to a teammate named Joseph Barron. To date, Mr. Barron has yet to deny his report of what happened in the locker room that day. If he was misquoted or if it was an outright lie, why would he not let the world know? Of course, he would, and he hasn’t, so the article’s truthfulness can be confirmed.

We here at Freedom Fictions take pride in our ability to sort through all the lies and half-truths in the world to bring you the real bottom line. Our methods are inscrutable and our record speaks for itself. Who are you going to believe? Snopes, who are run by prostitutes and liberal propagandists, or us, the only impartial fact-checker on the Internet. You decide.


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