Recently, an article has been seen floating around on the interwebs claiming that Democrat Adam Schiff has been discovered to be connected to pervert Jeffrey Epstein through a series of hundreds of millions of emails.

The article appears to be quite real and trustworthy, complete with an excerpt allegedly taken from a report in the FBI investigation. But is it true?

Of course, it is!

Our follow up investigation with the DOJ was given backing by several FBI agents. Each confirmed that Schiff had indeed been in longtime communication with predator Jeff Epstein and that the communications had been taking place for several years. They further confirmed the details from the confidential report in which several Sith/Je’dhi observations had been made.

It is assumed that the tragedy of Darth Plagueis is a metaphor for Epstein himself, and the apprentice, perhaps, the Clintons. Plagueis had gone to the Darkside. This can be assumed to be messing with the little ones… and he was indeed powerful and evil.

The legend portrayed a tale of betrayal on the part of Plagueis’ apprentice. The feds have assumed this apprentice to be none other than Bill Clinton but in league with his wife, Hillary. The legend’s apprentice killed the master in his sleep. Parallels to reality are quite obvious.

There is little subtlety in this email in particular. It is quite obvious that it is a metaphor for something sinister that we all need to watch out for. They thought their cryptic messages would not be deciphered, but they were dead wrong, as we are masters at deciphering ancient Sith relics.

So yes, the unbelievable tale of the Schiff-Epstein emails is completely accurate. You heard it here first. We at Freedom Fictions are dedicated to breaking down the fake news on Facebook and beyond.


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