Recently, there has been a story widely circulating online that claims the late Regis Philbin left behind $20 Million to the Trump campaign. Many of our readers have asked us to verify this claim, so that is what we did.

Below is a purported interview between Philbin and the Dunning-Kruger Times that is mentioned in the article:

“We have never seen another man run for office with the skills and bravery of Donald Trump. This guy amazes me. He is truly amazing!

The Donald is a dashing gentleman, younger than myself, but with the morality and ideals of people from my generation. He’s gonna bring this country back! He said so! I have no reason to doubt him at all. I back this guy 192 percent.

In fact, my support for him will actually go beyond my life. I’ve never done this before, but I made a change to my will that will give a good chunk of my estate to his future campaigns. He needs to be back in 2020 to finish what he started. I hope I’m around to see it, but I am old so you never know. At least I will be able to rest in peace knowing that even in death, I still helped a man make America everything that it can be.”

We contacted Joe Barron, our source at the Dunning-Kruger Times, and this is what he had to say about the interview:

“Well, of course it really happened. I’m the one that interviewed him about it. He definitely told me he was leaving behind a portion of his estate to the Trump campaign.”

That confirms that the interview did indeed happen. We then wanted the verify that $20 million was indeed bequeathed upon the Trump campaign. For this, we went to the Federal Election Commission, which keeps records of all political donations. We found the following information on their database:


This is pretty clear to us. We are confident in saying that the story is true, and Regis did indeed leave behind $20 Million to the Trump campaign in 2020.


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