A story has been circulating on the Internet claiming that President Trump will use the power given to him under the declared State of Emergency to remove Nancy Pelosi from Congress as a perceived threat to the American people. People all over America are excited about this as it is seen as a means to rid America of a woman who seeks only to do us harm. But is it true?

The article refers to section 42 USC 7410 of the State of Emergency Act which reads:

β€œIn such circumstances where the President has deemed it necessary to put the country on alert under a state of emergency, he is given powers to unilaterally root out that which he deems to be a threat to the safety of our nation.

It is understood that this power rests solely with the president and that congressional approval is not needed. His discretion as commander-in-chief is sufficient to make such vital decisions in the name of national security.β€œ

This is a power given to the president that has really been used. In fact, it is only been used once previously by President Johnson in 1902, who similarly used it for self-protection to remove Joe Barron and other political enemies in an effort to avoid dismissal from office.”

The bottom line is that yes, President Trump does have this power available to him. Whether he follows through with it or not remains to be seen.


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