A story was posted about southern states banning NASCAR after NASCAR banned the confederate flag. This turned out to be true after digging into the facts and interviews with sources from NASCAR and the states in question. What seemed to be preposterous turned out to be total fact.

So, we rate this story:

Sandy Batt, head of NASCAR affairs in South Carolina confirmed the details. She didn’t want to be quoted directly but had said that there are use contracts for the tracks, and the tracks are owned by the states. The states have the authority to not renew the contracts when they are up, and these contracts are up at the end of the 2020 NASCAR season.

This all stems from the executive brass at NASCAR banning the confederate flag from their tracks, events and facilities. The southern state conglomerate made the call to not renew the track contracts after the ban, as they see it as stifling freedom of speech for the toothless hillbillies that live in trailer parks all across their states. Jackson Wayte, a spokesperson for the Southern State Conglomerates, somewhat agrees.

“We need to make these people feel something. Without their racist flag, the only thing they have left is inbreeding and horrible country music.”

The ban will take effect on January 1, 2021, and will stay in place until racist rednecks feel they’ve been properly catered to. Several poorly educated confederate flag-wavers have tried writing to president Trump but were baffled when it came to trying to string coherent sentences along and not using the N-word or any other racial epithets to get their pointless arguments across.

Many people ignorant of the history of this particular flag are clutching at their pearls and having meltdowns on social media, generally misspelling words and screaming this flag isn’t racist all the while proving the point it’s all about just that-racism. And just like when they all cried about the NFL, they’ll be watching anyway, because what else do they have in their lives.


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