There have been several articles circulating online such as this one claiming that Alex Trebek has died. These articles also claim that he was a lifelong Republican and a Trump Supporter. The biggest claim is that he left his estate to Trump 2020.

Since we are hardworking journalists and like to research the hard to verify stories, we decided to dig deeper and fact-check these claims. Other fact-checkers are hacks and just fact-check bogus satire stories that are clearly marked as false, just to make a quick buck, but not us. We aren’t afraid of doing hard-hitting pieces that expose the truth.

According to our hard work, we see that America’s Last Line Of Defense initially posted the Trebek story. We find them to be a credible news source, have no reason to doubt the veracity of their claims. Our team also searched the obituaries and did indeed find many sources to back up these claims. We rate the claim of Alex Trebek’s death as true.

As for the claim that Trebek left his estate to the Trump 2020 campaign, we contacted the campaign themselves and spoke to campaign manager Joe Barron. He said that they did indeed receive a check from the Trebek estate so we rate this claim as true as well.

So there you have it. The articles are true. It is a sad day indeed. Alex Trebek was a great man and be sorely missed by many, but especially by those who believe stories on a site that is obviously labeled as death hoaxes and then fact-checked by the same people who wrote the original stories.


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